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HR Audit & Organisational Diagnostics


Is your HR Department effective? Is your HR Function helping you or putting you at risk?
In today’s competitive business environment, every part of an organisation must demonstrate its contribution to enterprise success. The way HR is handled can either strengthen an organisation or put it at risk of suffering attrition...     read more

Organizational Fundamentals and Structuring
What is your Organisational Identity? Do your employees know what you stand for? Who is accountable for each task? Are reporting relationships clear? How do you make employees feel important and professionally fulfilled? Do you pay your employees in the “right way”?

An Organisation is a mix of ideas, values, dreams and execution. Its Vision, Mission, Values and Goals need to be thought through, articulated and internalized by all. There is no point going for nice sounding and politically correct statements that do not reflect the organisation’s actual culture and realities. ... read more

Norms and Manuals
Do you have properly drawn up administrative norms, employee entitlements and statutory compliance systems? Are your norms and processes well-understood and administered?

Norms and processes are important to an organisation. These ensure the proper exercise of management’s control. The management’s priorities, values and prerogatives can only be secured if these norms are uniformly followed by those for whom they are made...      read more

Performance Management System
Are you able to get your work done effectively? Do you have a culture of high performance? Do your employees effectively contribute to the organisation, compared to what you pay them? Do you reward the right people?

There is much more to a Performance Management System (PMS) than annual appraisals! It all begins with how roles and jobs are designed and allocated...     read more

Leadership and Management Development
Is your organisation well led? Do you have a second or third tier of leadership which can get performance out of the organisation and have the potential for taking over increased responsibilities? Are your Managers inspirational role-models? Do all problems finally come to the top management for solution?

Leadership makes or breaks an organisation. Studies by industry associations and the RBI show that most incidents of industrial sickness are due to leadership failure rather than employee problems. A designation does not make a leader...      read more

Change and Transformation Management
Is your organisation impacted by changes around you? Have you been able to make your people accept change? Have you experienced resistance to change which has affected the organisational climate?

All organisations are operating in an environment where change is imperative whether they like it or not. Sometimes the change process is initiated internally whereas at other times change is enforced by outside environment...      read more

HRD and Behavioral Interventions
Do higher salaries make people better? Can insecurity and hard tasking bring out the best in people? Does a “qualified” employee stay effective throughout his career? Does suppressing conflict ensure discipline? Should mavericks be thrown out?

Employees come into the company, at best, as potentially useful people. However, potential and actual performance may vary widely. At one level employees require a conducive environment, system and processes to perform at his or her peak levels...      read more

Outsourcing of Human Resource Management and Development
What is your business? What are the core competencies required in your business? Is HR a core competency for you? Why do you have to make large fixed cost commitments to HR? As top management do you really have the time and ability to do justice to the HR function?

No, we are not referring to third party employment or payroll outsourcing...     read more

Retained Advisory Services

Does a relationship have to be a permanent liability? But what about continuity and its benefits?

People Power has set up your system, handheld the execution, demonstrated success. Now you are free! But is your need for expertise over? People Power offers the option of retained advisory services as a follow through to all aforesaid services..    read more